It is not a secret that the best way to loose weight is to improve the way you eat and to exercise. But why do so many people that diet and train are still struggling? Because like with anything there is a Right Way and the Wrong Way.

How many times did you go on a diet or joined a class just to be disappointed? I mean, let’s face it, most people that follow a diet, eventually get off it and put all or even more weigh back on. And often when you join a gym, you don’t really know what to do and if you start running, you just get more hungry and often get joint pain.

Sounds Familiar? So what is the solution?

One. Lets look at that exercise component. Did you know, that the best way to get your body fat to burn is to speed up your metabolism? And one of the best way to achieve that is through High Intensity Interval Training – Functional Interval Training (HIIT-FIT). You can achieve better results by participating in 3 x 30 min HIIT-FIT sessions per week than through several hours of cardio workout. In fact, did you know that by overdoing cardio exercise you get into a muscle burning zone instead of fat burning?

How does HIIT-FIT work?

HIIT-FIT is a technique in which you alternate High Intensity exercise – Functional Interval Training ( e.g. sprinting) with Medium Intensity exercise ( eg. walking). Sounds boring, right? Wrong! A good trainer will provide you with wide range of fun interval exercises that will keep your body and brain occupied and will make the time go by really fast! Plus it is always more fun and motivating to do HIIT-FIT as a group rather than by yourself!

But do I need to join a gym to do HIIT-FIT?

No. There are plenty of other ways to do HIIT-FIT. And guess what? You don’t even need any equipment! There are plenty of outdoor HIIT-FIT classes and classes in the dance studios. And of course there are plenty of Youtube videos to follow ( just be mindful of who you follow!)

Why is it better to join a group class?

Let’s face it, you can do enough reading on the subject and train yourself, right? Well, honestly, if that was the case you would have already done that and you would not be reading this article. The problem is that we are all human, so:

  • By attending a group class you are committing yourself to certain times and duration per week, so you are building a healthy repetitive habit and are less likely to quit due to accountability.
  • By pre-paying a program you are less likely to miss a workout because it is a rainy day or because your friends asked you to go our for a drink – since you have already spent that money and will be loosing it if you miss a session.
  • By attending a group class, you are surrounding yourself with people just like you, on the same path and with the same goal. You can get more support and encouragement from like-minded people
  • By being in a class, you can follow simple instructions and worry about timing yourself or remembering the exercises as that is the job of the instructor.

OK, but what about the food?

There are so many diets and shakes and detoxes out there…. And a lot of them fail as they are too extreme or too expensive to be sustainable which makes you quickly drop to your old habits and put all or most of the weight back on.

Are shake diets good for you?

Shake based diets work for a small percentage of people. But for most they don’t. Most people prefer to consume solid food long term and therefor they fall off the shakes pretty quick. Plus, how often do you look at the back of the label? Many shakes are full of sugar. They reduce your calories intake while giving you a false sensation of energy. But you need your calories for your body to function, for your brain to think and for you to be able to do your daily activities, including your hobbies and exercise. Sugar is highly addictive and it is the nutrient that your body converts into fat when it is not immediately used up. Shake programs are expensive, they reduce your ability to process solid food and often your sales person tries to pressure you into becoming a rep yourself, which let’s face it is annoying and is often yet another reason to quit the program all along.

So what is the solution?

It’s simple. Learn what micro nutrients your body requires and when. Learn to read the food labels. Learn how much protein, fat and carbs your body needs and when, to help you burn the fat and build some muscle. We are not talking about becoming a bodybuilder, we are talking about creating a toned, healthy and strong body that will help you live a longer and healthier life.

Isn’t that complicated?

Well, yes, at the beginning it can be, but once you get the hang of it – it’s pretty simple. That is why, one of the best way is to have a nutritionist create a meal plan, complete with a shopping list for you. After few weeks of following the list, it becomes very easy. You can even create and save your shopping list on your preferred supermarket online shopping website. And guess what? This way you avoid the temptation to buy naughty food as you walk through the cookie isle of the supermarket.

What if I don’t like specific foods?

Well, the difference between a personalized meal plan and the one you can find online, is that the personalized meal plan is created FOR YOU and YOUR ACTIVITY LEVEL, your AGE, HEIGHT, BODY MASS and GOAL in mind and of course, if you absolutely resent broccoli, it will not be on the list. In comparison the free diet lists you find online are likely to be general and to contain foods that you don’t eat. And if you replace an ingredient, you are likely to upset the whole meal plan and you are back to square one.

But often eating healthier is so much more expensive!?

  • What value do you put on your health, to reduce the risk of diabetes and joint pain and to live longer for your kids?
  • How much would you pay to look the way you want to look and to fit into those jeans again?
  • How much would you pay now to have less doctor’s bills later?
  • How much would you pay now, knowing that you are investing into your own body?
  • How much would you pay now to have more energy and better mood?
  • How much money would you save by saying no to fast food, alcohol, snack foods and take away coffees?
  • How much would you spend to create a great habit for life that you can also share with your partner, your kids and grand kids?

You will see with your own eyes what you are spending your money on – fresh produce, no hidden questionable ingredients or magic pills that may or may not work . You will learn the quantity you need by weight with no guess work required. And most importantly you will see results in your own body!

To sum up….

Wow, that was a lot of information and perhaps it sounds like hard work? But hey, if it was easy, we would not have a problem in the first place. The question is: WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? The good news is that we are here to help. We can help you with our starter 6 week RISK FREE program. Yes, if you follow our program EXACTLY for 6 weeks and do not loose at least 3kg, you can have your money back (T&Cs apply) . Our program consists of :

  • A one on one weigh-in and measure before and after the 6 week program so you can see results on paper
  • Before and after photos so you can see the difference that others see
  • A personalized meal plan to help you loose weight, yet have energy every day
  • A shopping list to take out any guess work
  • 3 group HIIT sessions per week (No equipment, no gym) to help you burn fat
  • 1 group Dance Workout per week to improve your fitness level
  • 1 group Pilates class to help you with mobility, strength and flexibility
  • OPTIONAL 3 group core classes to help flatten that tummy and feel stronger faster.
  • Right here, in Whanganui Central!
  • Program starts 21st October 2019