Reformer Pilates Concession Card

$250.00NZD $225.00
Reformer Pilates Concession Card
Reformer Pilates Concession Card
Reformer Pilates Concession Card
Reformer Pilates Concession Card
Reformer Pilates Concession Card
Reformer Pilates Concession Card

Reformer Pilates Concession Card

$250.00NZD $225.00
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10 class card for the price of 9 = $225

Valid for 3 months from the date of purchase

Valid for Reformer Pilates Classes. Please note that you still need to book in individual classes through the website as there are only 5 per class and we are selling out fast! 

Please note that the price is going up to $100 from 1st August 2020

Please always check the timetable and the location of classes. If in doubt, please text to check 021 244 8952.

Welcome to Reformer Pilates!

The introduction price is $25 per class for the rest of 2020.  You can purchase a 10 class pass for $225 and it is valid for 3 months. If you purchase the pass, you would still need to book your spot as there are only 5 spaces class.  Please note: no casual walk- ins as we only have 5 machines.

Reformer Pilates is a unique experience that will help you improve strength, flexibility, joint stability, posture, coordination, breathing control and overall body awareness.  Everyone must start at Beginner Level and complete at least 10 Beginner classes (within the period of 3 months) before moving up to Beginner Plus.

Due to the nature of the class, all students, regardless of their other fitness experience will have to start at the Beginner level and will only be allowed to progress at the instructor’s discretion.

Safety is our priority, so by attending our classes you agree to follow your Pilates teacher’s instructions and agree to our general Terms and Conditions.  

What to bring:

  • Socks (clean) are a MUST for this class, preferably with grip dots on the bottom (we will have some for sale as soon as possible)
  • No loose clothing, please wear fitted pants/ legging and top, NO hoods, skirts, dresses or loose pants.
  • For ladies with longer hair – please have your hair tied in a low pony tail or a plat. You need to be able to lie down comfortably
  • Water
  • Small towel
  • Please avoid wearing heavy perfume and moisturizer to avoid transference to the equipment
  • All first time customers need to bring a copy of the below form. If you do not have a printer, please arrive early to complete one at the studio.Studio Pilates New Customer Form pdf

But wait! There is more!!!

Full equipment class including the Cadillac, the Wunda Chair,  the Spring Board  and the Barrel Ladder are available as private lessons only. These are available for maximum 2 students at a time.  Introductory price for 2020 for Privates is $60 for one on one or $80 for 2 students.  Email us to book

We look forward to seeing you soon!


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