Private lessons are available for Pilates, Salsa, Wedding Dances and more. If you need other styles not listed like Hip Hop, please contact us to

Some Reasons Why You Should Take Private Lessons

  • Improve your dancing in general by having a teacher paying full attention to your needs, to polish your technique and increase your confidence on the dance floor.
  • To check your level of dancing and refining previous knowledge, to be ready for the next level of group classes
  • To fast track when you feel you could move up a level.
  • Performance training – any kind of training for performances is better when done one on one.
  • Convenience – A great way to learn for people that cannot take evening classes and/or option for people that work shifts.
  • If you are already a dancer, in any other style of dance, you should try private first and you might be able to move up to a higher level class.
  • Learning a routine to perform at a private party, event or to aim for a competition.
  • For PILATES : One on one sessions are also useful to help recover from injuries and stiffness. 

Prefer to workout with a friend or a spouse?  I also offer sessions for 2 people.

Every individual has their own special needs and the benefits are enormous, this is why we recommend private lessons.
You and your teacher for one hour and the whole studio for yourself.