Welcome to Salsa for Adults !

Yes,beginner classes are suitable for complete Beginners! Even with 2 left feet!

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Join the New Zealand Salsa craze!  Over the past 10 years, Salsa had become the most popular social dance style in New Zealand!  It is fun and easy to learn. Every city and almost every town in New Zealand now has a Salsa Scene where you can socialize while practicing your skills!

You can only join this course in Week 1 and 2 if you have no previous experience.

Salsa is a Latin Dance style that has roots in Cuba, Columbia, Chile, Peru and other South American Countries. Each country gave its own influences to the music and dance styles, but they are all unified by the same rhythm – clave.  Salsa exploded in New York and spread across the whole of USA before spreading all across the world, developing a whole new linear L.A. style.  These classes introduce you to a mix of Cuban and Linear styles.

In our courses we will introduce you to the basics of Salsa steps as well as the concepts of lead and  follow techniques. In the higher level courses you will learn more complex variations and combinations of moves.  Have fun and enjoy the connection with Latin music and your dance partner. We recommend to complete a full beginners course to make sure you feel completely comfortable with the basics before moving up to a more advanced level.

Long term there are options to compete in teams, solos and couples in NZ Salsa Competitions. These are split into many styles so even beginners are welcome to enter. Contact us if you want to know more

You can come alone or with your partner as we rotate couples in our classes.

What to wear:

  • Comfortable casual clothes
  • If you do not already have dance shoes, then we recomend flat shoes with smooth ( non-grip) sole.
  • We recommend to bring a bottle of water.
  • It is a partner dance, so don’t forget a deodorant and a small towel on a hot day!


Take a quick sneak peek at one of our Beginners Class