Melanie danced for 15 years under the American Jazz Dance Affiliation (AJDA) formally known as the Dupree Syllabus. She passed all her yearly exams right through to and including advanced level 3. The warm up routines in this Syllabus were Pilates based, which became her 1st taste of what Pilates was.

Melanie performed at local events, including business openings, sports events, entertainment events and bi-yearly dance shows at the Whanganui Opera house.

In addition to dance she was also a competitive swimmer in her youth and played school netball.

She took dance up again in 2018 and this included Mat Pilates classes. During this time she had a back injury and saw the huge benefit Pilates played in her recovery. It was then she decided that this is what she wanted to do.

“I love to help people and see their progress. I enjoy being able to help them achieve goals they didn’t think they could. I truly believe that Pilates is for everyone and I am to committed to doing the best for each person that comes into the studio.”